Majjanja and sons tent manufacturers was invented in 1992 in Uganda with an objective of providing Ugandans and the rest of the world with durable, colourful ceremony shelter as well as other services. It’s one of the leading companies in the supply of all types of tents in Uganda with a clientele base running to thousands of people around Uganda, East Africa and Africa at large.

We have managed to reach these people with the different branches that we put up so as not to congest all the work load in one place and this has helped us to complete the customers’ work in the right time. We have our main branch in Kireka nkere zone and our other branches are that of Nakawa next to the fly over as well as that of Namanve as you head to Coca-Cola. We hope to have more outlets in the near future so as to bring our services closer to people in different areas.

With our 23 years of experience, we have got the professional knowledge as well as the required workmanship needed to provide quality and unique tents  as well as innovate approaches to different projects for easy assembling and also ensuring safety of our clients.

Our mission is to become the best producer and supplier of tents in and outside Uganda. This will be achieved through provision of quality and durable tents that are of an international standard. Our products range from traditional to modern types depending on the customers’ choice. Our current clientele base range from small (individuals) medium groups and large companies such as factories, institutions and organizations. This has helped us to consequently provide solution to different groups with mutual satisfaction and benefit with our much needed products.